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    Benchmark’s customers take advantage of our tailored, flexible, configure-to-order box build and test services. Whether it's a simple product assembly involving integrating a printed circuit board into an enclosure or a full-front panel assembly equipped with a display, we take the time to understand specific requirements and how the product is being used in the field. Since each box build is unique and varies widely by industry, our ability to align with customer needs allows us to combine the right processes with the right test procedures to ensure we maintain world-class performance levels. 


    Benchmark excels at assembling all of the components that make our customers’ products a reality. Our design and engineering expertise combined with technology building blocks give us the ability to build complex systems according to the needs of each individual customer. We analyze variables and leverage our knowledge to weigh risks, such as using disciplined component traceability data, to ensure a robust and reliable end-use product.


    For our customers’ most complex builds, we deliver sophisticated functionality by combining our mechanical and electronics capabilities. Our mechatronics services produce technologically advanced systems that often require assembly in our clean room facilities. To make sure every detail is accounted for, we run advanced tests throughout the entire process, measuring everything down to the torque of each screw. We also leverage our precision machining capabilities through Precision Technologies to ensure complete accuracy in the product development process.

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