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    Human Machine Integration

    Stay Ahead of the Curve with Benchmark

    A human machine interface consists of hardware and software that allow user inputs to be translated as signals for machines that, in turn, provide the required result to the user. Increasing adoption of industrial automation equipment in the manufacturing sector and the advancement of the Internet of Things is driving this industry forward. Benchmark rapidly creates high-quality, innovative human machine interface products and platforms through a blend of user experience, hardware and software engineering. Applications in the industrial and medical industries include operator and autonomous guided systems, field service and maintenance and medical viewing and monitoring. 

    Benchmark’s customers also receive the benefit of having access to a full range of services through an integrated, one-team approach. This allows us to reduce cycle time and bring products to market faster, more cost effectively and with lower risk. Our patent and award-winning digital experts and software engineers work within a shared space of advanced tools to stay aligned across disciplines and with the customer to bring clarity to complex problems and produce the best human interface machine solution.



    • Human Data Analysis to Understand User Context and Needs
    • Design and Manufacture of Scalable, Interdependent Platforms and Building Blocks
    • Ability to Design Optical, Medical and Aerospace Regulations
    • Prototyping: Early and Rapid Testing and Validation
    • User Experience and ICON Design
    • Android and Apple App Design
    • Augmented Reality Solutions Design
    • HoloLens App Development, Providing Augmented Reality Collaboration and Training
    • Marketing Visualizations, Packaging Design and Brand Management
    • Action-Oriented, Creative Workshop Sessions
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