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    Manufacturing Test

    Paramount to Product Success

    For a product to be a success in the market, it must work reliably. Benchmark has the expertise and experience to implement test regimens in virtually every market and industry. Benchmark's proficiency with methodical test solutions assures the quality of manufactured products. We engage early in the manufacturing process to create the right strategies for ensuring the specifications have been carried out. By simulating the environment in which a product is expected to operate, we can correct any issues with functionality and help  customers control costs.


    Benchmark’s capabilities include:

    • Functional Testing of Complete Systems
    • Environmental Testing to Include Vibration, Thermal Cycling
    • Functional Verification Testing
    • In-Circuit Testing
    • RF Testing
    • Optical Testing
    • High Power System Testing
    • Specialized Functional Testing
    Providing you with peace of mind through manufacturability verification. 
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