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    Device Design and Manufacturing for advanced mechatronics sytems

    Mechatronics is a design process that includes a combination of mechanical, electrical, control, and computer engineering. Benchmark delivers first-class mechatronic engineering services for modules, devices and systems for customers in the medical, industrial, aerospace and defense industries. We excel in reducing costs and shortening time-to-market for customers by developing and industrializing high performance mechatronic systems ready for mass production, and by working with our strategic partners to receive the lowest possible material prices. 

    To make sure every detail is accounted for, we run advanced tests throughout the entire process, measuring everything down to the torque of individual screws. The combination of reference designs, building blocks and the outstanding engineering capabilities of our multi-disciplinary teams allows Benchmark to meet the highest requirements in the field of mechatronics.



    • High-Precision and/or High-Speed Rotational / Linear Movements
    • Design of Sample Handling Systems
    • Sensors and Functionalities, Optoelectronics
    • Integrated Housing or Light Weight Frames with Panels
    • Advanced UI Systems
    • Industrial Design Capabilities
    Enabling advanced mechatronic solutions.
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