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    PCB Layout

    from schematics all the way through prototyping

    We help customers with all aspects of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout, from schematics all the way through prototyping. Whether a customer has a design that needs optimization, or requires a completely new design, Benchmark can develop fully integrated solutions that are optimized for manufacturing.

    Because of the depth of Benchmark’s capabilities, we’re able to leverage our Technology Solutions company-wide to engineer complex solutions that perform reliably over time. We ensure every component is thoroughly tested to meet our customers' most stringent needs.

    Benchmark’s PCB design technologies include:

    • Mentor, Cadence and Altium Tools
    • Flex and Rigid Flex PCBs
    • PCB Engineering, Layer Stack Up
    • Controlled Impedance
    • Fine Pitch SMT and BGA
    • Blind and Buried Vias
    • uVia / uVia-in-pad / Plug-in-pad Technology
    • Buried Capacitors and Resistors
    • 2 to 30 Layer PCBs
    • Flip-chip and Chip-scale Package Technology 

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