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    Product Design & Launch (NPI) 

    A history of excellence

    Benchmark’s expertise in new product introduction (NPI) stems from our unique ability to provide a “One Partner” solution. We can take an initial concept all the way to a manufactured product with the exact level of support needed. Whether a customer requires a completely new design, or the fine-tuning of an existing product, Benchmark delivers.

    We have a seven-step process that we customize to meet our customers requirements:

    1. Concept: Develop a conceptual design and manufacturing plan and organize supply chain needs.
    2. Design: Solidify details of design and manufacturing, solicit quotes from supply chain.
    3. Prototype: Complete prototype “A” integration testing, qualify suppliers and set up a prototype manufacturing line.
    4. Verify: Complete prototype “B” compliance testing, facilitate supplier agreements and install manufacturing equipment.
    5. Pre-production: Develop pilot units and establish the manufacturing processes.
    6. Qualify: Procure materials, manufacture first production units and implement quality manufacturing processes.
    7. Production: Ramp to volume production, implement continual improvement and fulfillment services.

    Benchmark’s NPI capabilities include:

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